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Plagiomnium affine
Plagiomnium affine
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Plagiomnium affine
1 portion of Plagiomnium affine (2" x 2" / 5 x 5 cm)
  • Ideal to be tied to driftwood, presenting a cool weeping effect
  • Excellent choice for low maintenance tanks as this plant is undemanding for light, CO2 and nutrients
  • Slow growing but very hardy
  • Great natural hideout for fish fry
  • Able to withstand a great variety of water conditions
  • Will not be eaten by fish
  • Can be tied to driftwood with sewing thread or fishing line
  • No carbon dioxide injection required for healthy growth
Plant Group Liverwort
Origin Asia
Difficulty Easy
Light Intensity Medium ~ High
Water Parameters 73-82 F (23-28 C); pH 6.0-7.5; kH 3-8
Propagation Leaf division
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 October, 2007.
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