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AQUATICMAGIC has compiled this list so that our valued customers could be better informed on our products and services. If your question is not found in the list, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do I need to do if the received item is damaged or dead?
We will advise all our customers who received damaged items, or dead / unhealhy plants to:

1. Take a photo on the affected item, together with the packaging of the shipment from us, then

2. Proceed to Contact Us, attach the photo and briefly described the condition of the item(s) to us. 3. Our well-trained customer service officers will usually get back to you within 24 hours (except Sundays, as we have limited operation and support on Sundays), with advices or arrangement on reshipment / refund.

Q2. What is the exact shipping duration to my location?
We are committed to shipping all our orders within 2 working days. As the shipping company does not operate on weekends,
~ Orders with payment received on every Thursday (after 3pm) and Friday will be shipped on Monday morning,
~ Orders with payment received on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Tuesday morning.

Once the packed items have been passed to our local shipping company, you could refer to the item delivery estimation as stated below. Generally, the faster shipping time applies for major / capital cities:
~ USA, Canada: 5 - 9 days
~ German, Spain Major/Capital Cities: 7 - 14 days
~ France, Other Europe Countries: 9 - 16 days
~ Asia, Australia, New Zealand: 3 - 9 days

This is the transit process for your ordered package, applicable for International Standard Air delivery method only (not Express):

Process Completed by Duration
Download and compile order list, arrange for plant/product transfer from farm/warehouse AquaticMagic 0-1 day
Packaging and Labelling by Logistic team, and passing to the shipping company AquaticMagic 1 day
Consolidation to the logistic facility Shipping company 1 day
Transportation to the airport, to be clear for export and load to the plane Shipping company 0-1 day
Arriving at destination airport, and to be transfered to the checkpoint facilities for clearance Shipping company 1-2 day
Custom clearance for import. The clearance duration varies depending on the procedure of the respective customs.*  Custom of your country 1-8 days**
Handover to local post office headquarter for sorting Post office of your country (e.g. USPS) 1-3 days
Land/Air transfer to the regional post office, and/or to your area post office Post office of your country (e.g. USPS) 0-3 days
Delivery to your door step Post office of your country (e.g. USPS) 1-2 days

Note: *During festive seasons with high workload, the clearance duration might be extended with extra 1 week time.

Note: **Base on our statistics, this is the clearance duration estimation of various customs:
UK, Australia: 2 - 4 days
Germany, USA: 2 - 6 days
France, Austria, Spain: 5 - 9 days

Q3. Is it tedious to claim for the money back guarantee, on unsatisfactory item?
We have simplied the process to make it easy for you. We service our customers with sincerity and we believe in the integrity of all our valued customers.

These are the guidelines for our customer service upon receive your email on the unsatisfactory item:
Product Category Condition Action/Advices
Plants With stalk - Cryptocoryne,  Aponogeton etc Brownish color at the edges We will need your help to gently press on the root structure of the plant. If it is soft, the plant has low chance of surviving and you will need a reshipment or refund.
Plants Moss -Java moss, Xmas moss etc > 50% in brownish color We will arrange for a refund or reship base on your preference
Plants Moss  -Java moss, Xmas moss etc About 30% in brownish color Xmas moss, Java moss and Star moss from our farmers come with root structure in brown color. New leave struture will grow from the root structure once it has adapt in the new environment (do not remove the brown portion).

We will generally offer extended Guarantee for another 2 weeks. If the moss is dead within the 2 week, we will proceed to refund or reship.
Plants Fern > 30% of the leave is rotten We will arrange for a refund or reship base on your preference upon receiving the photo of rotten leaves.
Plants Moss / Fern Insufficient portion We have stated the portion size in the respective product page. If the portion size is lower than expectation, please contact us and we will ship an extra portion for all genuine cases.
Hardware Diffuser / Flipper or Other glassware Cracked / Broken We will arrange for a refund or reship base on your preference upon receiving the photo of damaged item.
Hardware Diffuser Defect / No bubble appearing We will need to understand the setup of your CO2 system before we could further comment. (e.g. Rhinox 5000 is designed for high pressure and it will not work with DIY Yeast bottle. )

If it is a defect, we will reship the same model to you. If it is due to incompability reason, we will not be able to refund on such cases. However, we will provide good discount on the next purchase on the correct model.

Note: A submitted photo will greatly expertise the refund or reship process.

Q4. Is the FREE SHIPPING promotion applicable for my country?
Our FREE SHIPPING promotion is applicable for shipping address in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland and all Asia countries.

If your residence country is not listed, please contact us for confirmation. We will always try to extend the offer whenever possible.

Q5. How strong is your packaging material and method?
We package everything in as lightweight a material as possible to reduce the CO2 emissions produced during transit and reduce our carbon footprint. We still take great care in insuring the perfect condition of your purchase to you. We have a firm commitment to environmentally friendly and Green practices and constantly seek ways to help minimize our carbon footprint.

For Hardware with glass material, we will
1. Use bubble wrap, then

2. Place it into boxes to ship.

For Aquarium Plant orders, this is how we would ship the plants:
1. We will place the plant on a special cotton foam (water saturated) to keep it moisturized (not to soak the whole plant in water).

2. Next, we will insert the foam into a sealed transparent bag.

3. Before sealing the bag, we will pump some oxygen air into the sealed bag to keep the plant fresh and prevent it from being crushed during transit.

4. We will label the plant name on the sealed bag

5. We will then insert the sealed bag into an brown envelope (recycled material to reduce waste)

The aquarium plants can survive up to 3 weeks in such packaging. We have developed this packaging method to lower the weight of the shipment, so that we could keep your shipping fee as low as possible.

If ever the plant is not in good condition upon arrival, we will arrange for reship or refund base on our 100% satisfactory policy.

If you are not comfortable with the packaging method, please let us know so that we could make further arrangement to your needs.

Q6. Why must the leave of certain plants be removed prior to the shipment?
Cryptocoryne, Aponogeton, Crinum and Nymphaea will be shipped with the leaves removed, as the leaves will melt off in your tank due to different water parameters. Removing the leave will shorten the adaption duration for the plant to grow new leaves in your tank, as well as to reduce the shipping weight. New leaves will grow in a few days.

A healthy stump is firm upon arrival. Gently plant it into the substrate with tweezers. Such plants grow better in water with hard carbonate context.

Q7. Is the CO2 diffusers in your store reliable and defect-free?
Diffusers are extremely hard to manufacture due to complicated internal glass coils (for bubble counter) and the nano layer (high-tech ceramic material to break air into tiny particles).

We have worked closely with our manufacturer to ensure the quality of the diffuser is always perfect for our customer. We have dedicated inspector assigned to station with our manufacturer to check thru every diffuser before we send them to our customers.

On top of that, we have money back guaranteed, for all diffusers purchased from our store to ensure defect-free product delivery.

Q8. This is a great store and I wish to share with my friend. Am I able to get discount from you?
You are most welcome to do that - and we have integrated a sophisticated Affialite Program which could track your friends's purchase automatically. Once the purchased is made and paid, you could get a 10% rebate on the purchased value and used it on your next purchase.