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Anubias barteri Petite
Anubias barteri Petite
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Anubias barteri PetiteAnubias barteri PetiteAnubias barteri Petite
1 rhizome of Anubias barteri Petite (around 6-10 leaves)

Basic Info
Unlike A. nana, ?petite? is difficult to come by and is more expensive than its full sized relative, but the demands are the same and it is one of few options for the nano aquarium.

Petite nana is a cultivar of the ?regular? size Anubias nana. Its leaves stay considerably smaller than its larger counterpart, making it an excellent candidate for smaller tanks where the leaves must be proportional to the tank size. Just like A. nana , ?petite? has lovely roundish, dark green leaves on small stems which branch from a horizontal rhizome. Its thick roots grow downwards from this rhizome.

Because of its small size (only growing a few inches tall) and its outward, rather than upward, growth, A. nana ?petite? is suitable for the foreground or midground of medium to large tanks, and can be used as midground or even foreground in smaller tanks. This plant is a great alternative to using the larger A. nana when space is limited.

This plant flowers moderately often in the aquarium, producing a soft whitish green blossom.

How to Plant it

Nana ?petite? is best placed on a rock or piece of wood, using fishing line or cotton thread to hold it down. It can also be laid to rest against the top of the substrate (using an aquarium safe metal weight to keep it down) so that the roots can seep into the substrate but the rhizome will stay out of the gravel. The rhizome must not be buried or it will rot away.

Anubias nana ?petite? is a good choice for low light aquariums since it can live in less than one watt per gallon of light. Its growth will be very slow, but it will thrive nonetheless. It also fares well in higher light aquariums although care must be taken to control algae since its leaves are very prone to it. CO2 is not necessary for this plant to do well, though with all plants, the addition of CO2 will boost the growth rate, especially when coupled with higher light and a good nutrient base.

Propagation of this plant merely involves making a clean, sharp cut through the rhizome, taking care to leave enough leaves and root system for each new clump. Also, removal of old leaves stimulates new growth.

This plant is also a good candidate for emersed growth and tends to grow faster when emersed.

Name Petita Nana (Anubias barteri 'Petite')
Temperature 20 - 30 C (68 - 86 F)
pH Level 6 - 8
Light Level Very Low - High
Growth Rate Very Slow
Overall Difficulty Easy
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 14 October, 2007.
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